About Hankaal Institute

Mission Statement

Our Values


The Hankaal Institute is an independent not-for-profit think tank dedicated to building and promoting peace, developing sustainable public policy and programs while enhancing public sector accountability, and social entrepreneurship.

Hankaal aims to enhance peace and stability employing a rights-based approach to peace and public policy development. To achieve this aim, Hankaal will employ a mix of strategic policy research, supporting grass roots peace-building approaches and building community resilience to promote peace, and mobilize resources for sustainable socio-economic development through ongoing research and building evidence base for coherent public private partnerships.


The overall vision of Hankaal is to conduct strategic research that will benefit the Somali Region, produce and disseminate knowledge, and build resilience to promote peace and sustainable development.


The Hankaal Institute’s mission is to generate knowledge, enhance strategic public policy and contribute and promote peace, security and sustainable development.

Hankaal will achieve its vision and mission by conducting ongoing research, strategic analysis, publishing and providing training and capacity building initiatives mainly in three pillar areas:


  • Building public sector accountability capacity;
  • Building resilience to promote peace and sustainable development; and
  • Building capacity and mobilizing resources for socio-economic development projects.